Saturday, 23 January 2010

Yes, We Found the Middle of Nowhere...In Rhode Island!

So the trip to New England begins with a Greek restaurant called the Parthenon, which possesses personal jukeboxes on each table. This has been a great fantasy of mine and I grabbed the opportunity to play. One dollar and three selections. So I ate stuffed shrimp listening to James Taylor, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix in Conneticut. Love it!!!

Later in the day, we ended up in the a dodgy part of Rhode Island. We didn't realise such places existed there but as we drove past the diner proudly stating 'the Middle Of Nowhere Diner' we realised we had actually found the Middle Of Nowhere.

That evening we followed the directions to the MOBA, no not the MOMA, but the Museum of Bad Art. We realised something was a bit funny when the direction ended up saying 'Go to the Male basement toilet', and indeed this one roomed art muesum is located next to the men's basement bathroom that did not have a door but an inadequate partion saving the man's modesty

We finally rested for the might in a motel.

My first motel.

I was a little bit excited. More than a little bit excited.

The Countess

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