Monday, 11 January 2010

So I have been having some all American fun these last few days.

I have been to a local pub and sampled a strange odd drink entitled 'Rocket Fuel' and from that fabulous title you can imagine the amount of alcohol that they place in this feast of liquid. Though while one is drinking said beverage, it would appear that one is merely supping upon a fruit drink and not copious amounts of alcohol.

The lovely and hilarious Burky and his delightful wife Barbara, took me up the snow painted mountain in the Argo (see picture if unsure what this vehicle beast be). Oh what a steed! It is the Barnoness' father's new transportation device.

Later that day, the father of the Baroness (As he refers to me as the Limey, as shall refer to him from now on as the Yank). So the Yank tool me fore my first taste of gunfire.

Pistol in hand, the countess was taught how to shoot a colt. 22 peacemaker. The gun that settled the West.

Oh the power!

Oh the funness!

I would like to take this space in the blog to point out that in one round, I managed to hit my target once. I hit something on my first try!

I rock

I know.

I kept the casings as a souvenir...I had to.

This was a great Sunday.

But in order to accomplish these marvelous feats I was bundled up into everything in the cupboard by the Baroness and my American Mommy.

This made walking...intriguing and of course once trussed up, peeing was not an option.

Well you only have to see the pictures to see my enfolded self.


and now I site supping on Pennsylvania's finest grape products enititle 'Red Vixon' and I hope this beverage may be just that.
Gather me into thy familiar arms of drunken amour and ne'er let me leave, oh mistress of my heart and liver. Red Vixon I give myself over to thee and thy machinations.

Aye me, sweet grapes.

The Countess.

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