Thursday, 7 January 2010

I'm Sorry How Big is the Small Popcorn?

Well I am playing catch up again due to a bout of ridiculous flu I have been experiencing with many uncomfortable side effects. (Duchess and Baroness you have been sworn to secrecy under the vale of the House Of Vera) I contracted this disease from someone on the plane or God smoting me for daring to cross the bible belt with my heathen ideas and ways. Either way I have been far to pleugh! to write anything down.

But after a crazy twelve hour trek from Alabama to Pennsylvania, driven by the Baroness in sheer ninja style, I am now safely ensconced in a land populated with more heathens and the warm bosom of the Baroness' family. This being the only warm thing in this cold, cold place. I am surrounded by coldness and stuffed deer etc. heads and slowly recuperating and planning the next trip, which will be to New Jersey and New York. So look out for the Big Apple Blogs of funness.

Before this illness cut short my Southern fun I did manage to have some shits and giggles. Most importantly I have embraced your left hand driving. My left hand Cherry being taken by the Duchess and the Baroness on a cherry red mustang. The chosen chariot of our fair Duchess on these American Shores. Not only was I out of my depth with the wheel being in the strange place but it was also an automatic. Yet apart from the occasional foot pumping on an imaginary shift pedal and grabbing the door handle in the belief that it was a gear stick, it went pretty well. Pictures (see below) aside (The lying wenches).

I was taken to an American Cinema. though they call them theatres here.
Now The size situation
I had been warned
I had been told
And people had demonstrated the size of popcorn and drink containers
But nothing can prepare one for the sight of someone walking past you with a vat of coke and a barrel (no other word will suffice) of popcorn.
and then there is the choice!
Around 15, yes 15, flavours/colours of popcorn in large pipes waiting for you to choose and devour them in a gastro haze of food villainy.
Such gluttony!
Such choice!
I am unsure if this is good for us but I am definitely getting the hang of America, piece by poundcake.

Stop with the poundcake!!!

The Countess

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