Thursday, 21 January 2010

New York - Part Two - 2am Bowling? Yes Please

We finally found Nita, she had been sleeping and contacted her towards the end of our gastronomic treat. So we left Harlem and made our way to the Village and a bar called the Mason Dixon line. A bar in possession of a mechanical bull. A bull which I did not ride till the morning light. My friends had not planned this night right and I was not wasted enough to mount the beast and grab and squeeze it betwixt my thighs. Later in the night we were en route to another bar located in Brooklyn, which was an ass and a half away from Emely's place in the Bronx. So a quick decision was made on the metro and the course altered to...


I have only been bowling twice, once in Cyprus and once in Burnley. So late night (2am to be exact) is something I have never experienced. We entered and I fell in love. The pins were illuminous with black lights bearing down and lighting the tattooed skin of the Baroness. Belying my obvious inexperience compared with my companions, I won the first game. Then came third in the second and second in the third. I have definitely taken to this game. We drank beer and dined on chicken wings, moss sticks and fried chicken. We left around 4am a very merry band.

The Countess

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  1. i'm proud. there are fewer American things to do than "midnight" bowling.