Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Boring Journey...Wait Is that a cop following us Baroness??

So we missioned to Niagra Falls today, after stopping off to see the Baroness' land in upstate New York. The Yank (her father) bought me an amazing haddock sandwich, which consisted of a battered fish and a bun placed directly in the middle. Confusing to understand how to eat. Some folded, others cut them up and ate some as a sandwich and the rest on their own. It was a poser and you know using up your braincells gives you an appetite, so if it's tasty and makes you think, I am all for it.

We spent so long in New York that we entered Niagra Falls in darkness. The journey here was pretty uneventful except for the small part in the middle where The Baroness was pulled over for speeding....

82 MPH in a 65MPH zone.

mmmmm. We would have been fine except we had been snoozing, as we had been on the road for a while without any excitement. I wanted to take a picture of the Sheriff so bad but the Baroness said told me if we got ourselves into this situation that I was not to speak but merely smile and flash a bit 'o' tit if I could. I smiled but the boobs were covered by a 50 cent Tinkerbell T-Shirt purhased at a Thrift store the day before, so that was a no go. Also she thought my English accent could anger certain people and we did not know if this Sheriff was a certain people.

We also made a quick stop the day before at the Whispering Statue in Barre, Vermont. A monument raised to celebrate youth, it had a freak side effect in the design and so if two people sit at either side, with the statue betwixt them they can talk at a normal level and it sounds as if they are sat next to each other.

The Countess

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