Saturday, 23 January 2010

Lobster Loving in Maine.

I have been frolicking in the land of Witches, which we discovered was maybe a bad idea with the Baroness in tow. It would appear that a book written by a long dead Pope, teaches us how to spot a witch; Red hair being one of the clues. So the Baroness and her flaming hair would be the 'Spawn of the Devil' and a perfect target for scary puritanical witch hunters. So we did not dally long in this beautiful twon, only a mere morning as we did not fancy being hunted down and burnt at the stake.

We made our way to Essex, a place which claimed to be the 'Antiques Capital of New England' This town consisted of Antiques and food and that is about it! We could not see any homes. We spent a while frolicking in the antiques and bought two old polaroid cameras and a side order of advice of where to dine that lunchtime. So we ate lovely things and wrote our postcards in a dive with delicious food and finally made for Maine and my first lobster.

We rested for the night in an Econo Lodge. A delightful little motel-esque place run by a sweet Indian couple who lived in London for four years and miss the cricket and pubs!

We headed for the nearest supermarket and the Baroness ordered two 2lb lobsters for us to be cooked there. We took them back to the lodge with a bevvy of beers, as the Baroness is a firm believer in washing Lobster down with beer and now I would have to agree, they compliment each other lovingly. The Baroness showed me how one eats lobster as I excitedly looked on and followed. Only two words to describe this feast.


God help the next man who takes me on a dinner date. Mwhahhahah.

The Countess

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