Monday, 18 January 2010

New York: Part One: Chez Chase and Dinosaurs

Ever had a weekend that didn't exactly go according to plan, but was possibly in the top twenty of your most bizarre and therefore most enjoyable nights. You end up laughing from the offset till the closing of Sunday night.

My weekend in New York has so many different facets attached to it that I am finding it difficult to contain in mere prisons of text. I am sure that my words will be of inadequate strength and will not be able to hold the fun, craziness and at times sheer insanity of these last two days. I find myself questioning whether trying to describe these events is a good idea or to just let the memories fester in my head for as long as can retain them, allowing them to disappear hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. Until it morphs into a distant memory only occasionally sparked into life by a change meeting with one who shared all that joy, frustration and confusion.

But I started this journey with the intention of writing down all fun, interesting and bizarre moments and so I must continue, for this weekend in New York, contained all these elements.
We started at the Natural History Museum with Baroness, Baroness' friend Fran and her two children AJ and Emma. Fran is a supreme being who used to follow the grateful dead around America. Who cannot love a person who did this feat?
We had a mission, us four.
To Seek and Discover those great Attraction As Seen in that Great Movie 'Night At The Museum'.

This movie must be responsible for millions of kids requesting and begging their parents to take them to the museum rather than Disney World.

So we find the T-Rex and check one of our list. Mammoth is next, and another one is found. Easter Island Head is next and tis the place for a perfect picture opp.

By now, however, the heat, speed of AJ as he zoomed through the exhibits and the crying baby began to take their toll on the poor Countess and tiredness kicked in. Luckily it had kicked in for the whole;e party and so we exited after making a quick stop to the Museum Shop., where I may have baulked at the prices. I settled on the best souvenir. A stretched coin with the Mammoth on it, all for the bargain price of 59 cents.

So we bid farewell to Fran and kids as they made their way back to New Jersey and we waited for Emely, our friend from New York, who finally showed up one hot dog, two rock candy treats and one hour later. Finally my night began.
We purchased Sushi from Wholefoods, as we were mighty hungry and went to find Emely and Baroness' friend Nita, who lived in Harlem. We new she lived in the Lennox Complex but we had no idea what building and it turns out there were many and Nita was not answering phone calls.
One hour later, we got tired, hungry and very frustrated and decided best plan of action would be to find a place to eat. Lauren pointed to a park in the projects and Emely pointed to the ATM vestibule of the Chase bank. We chose the latter and Emely swiped her card and we entered 'Chez Chase'. It was a self service establishment and we seated ourselves upon the window seat. It was a night spot to watch the passer by in the night. We then proceeded to masticate our sushi in joy and to the mirth of the Chase customers who were withdrawing their cash for hopefully a crazy night out in the city that never sleeps.

It was delightful, odd and one of the strangest places I perhaps have eaten in. We were very grateful to have a warm place to eat, so I wrote a note of thanks which we placed under the door. For those of you who cannot read the picture here is what we said to the bank tellers of the Chase bank.

Dear Chez Chase,

Thank you for the welcoming atmosphere your establishment provides.

We have dined on delicious treats of Shushi and Pineapple and supped upon fair bottles of water.

One thought for the future , a provision of chopsticks as well as a 24hour banking service
would be delightful.

the 8pm diners

More New York fun coming up
The Countess

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