Saturday, 23 January 2010

Stop taking the Picture and help me get out of the snow Baroness!!!

Today we left Maine along with the wonder that is the route 25. We joined it and rode it to the end through nowhere, pretty, divinely beautiful, sometimes bizarre and occassionaly scary.

I recommend the world to travel along route 25 and see the delights it holds Including 'Simply Divine Brownies' These brownies are a feast of deliciousness. The Baroness saw the sign 'CHOCOLATE', I saw the sign 'BROWNIE' and we realised that is was necessary to stop.
The devil stood behind the counter smiling, knowing the downfall of these two victims was near. They edge to counter and the devil caught them in it's smile. It knew what it was doing when it offered them temptation. It knew what it was doing offering them evil in the form of tasty chocolate, melt in your mouth treats. It gave They received It exhaulted They fell. $6.50 dollars worth later they walk out with no feast, but two tiny squares of cake. But oh what tasty tiny squares!

We later frolicked in the snow in New Hampshire. Well it started as frolicking and then turned into chaos as first I, then the Baroness got our legs stuck in the snow and found ourselves incapacitated while the other took five minutes to take pictures before helping their friend in need.

My ass was soaked.

We stopped in Albany, the true capital of New York and got another Econo Lodge.

I stole a pen.

The Countess.

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