Thursday, 21 January 2010

New York - Part Three - Pizza with a side order of Crazy

Sunday began at around 7am, as the sun shone in from the half closed blind. Which would be fine if you hadn't got to bed only two hours ago. Today I was to meet My mother's cousin Terry who runs a pizzeria in New York called Fivo's Pizza. We had spoken muchly using the wondrous greatness of the Facebook medium. After using a mixture of Terry's directions and the iPhone we found the street, where I stood directly outside the place, looking for the place, while Terry was sat in the place, watching me from inside.

We went in and were welcomed in an incredibly warm greeting by Terry, who proceeded to feed us with much pizza and soda. Feed us to the point of bursting and then when we could eat no more, he sent us away with more pizza to gorge ourselves at a later date.

Everything was happening as it should be, the meeting was going well, then Crazy walked into the place and this normal meeting went up in smoke. First meeting was when an old lady, about 70, came up to our table and stared intensely at Lauren for about five minutes before screaming at her in a loud American accent

"Are you from England?" Our relationship with this woman moved on quickly from there, including the fact that this woman was bleeding profusely from her nose and the blood was dripping onto her pizza. She went through about 50 napkins, a bag of ice and Terry even sent out for peroxide to stem this crimson waterfall.

Terry was sat on a table next to us. She placed her coat on a seat around the table and went to get her pizza.

"Hey," says Terry, " This table is taken!"
"I know," she said " I just took it!"

She had a smattering of words in many different languages including Greek and her favourite word was 'loco' which she applied to all of us at one point. She had a wealth of incorrect knowledge, claiming that the national language of Jamaica was French.

She also demonstrated her soccer (that is football to the English) skills that culminated in her kicking me in the shins. This woman managed to scare me and make me laugh but definitely entertained me.

We finally said our goodbyes to Terry and made our journey back to New Jersey. Where we finished our weekend by playing 'Superheroes' .

Baroness - Lex Luther
Me - Frozone
AJ - Superman
Fran - Spidergirl
Jason - Lois Lane.

Obviously the Baroness was the baddy, and myself and Fran were AJ's sidekicks and Jason being Lois watched from the sidelines. Lex Luther managed to trap Spidergirl and Frozone within meer minutes, using her steel-like thighs and powerful upper torso, leaving Superman to tussle with Lex Luther for the majority of the game.

The sidekicks sucked and the game ended because they hurt in places and needed to recharge the batteries.

Beware the Baroness

The Countess

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  1. This is most untrue. I do not believe that my strength is freakish in the least. My body is of an average musculature.