Saturday, 30 January 2010

Canada and Satan's concubine

Saw Niagara Falls, unfortunately in the rain, but HEY! Whose complaining. It was magnificent and beautiful with the snow all around and the strength of the water creating crazy patterns with the snow and frost.

We didn't stay long before we were heading for Canada.

We were extremely excited about crossing the border and I got told off for trying to film my passage. The booth lady told me to go into the little room and get my passport stamped.

Everything was fine.

Until we walked up to Satan's mistress booth.

"Where are you going?" She asks, but I do not know the name of the town, so the Baroness answers. "Oakville," she says. "Can she speak English?" Asks the wench. "Yes!" I said. "When are you due," I thought she said. "25th March" I said "No," The Baroness said "She asked what you do," "You need to go and sit down," she pointed at the Baroness in a patronising tone. "You are answering for her,"

Satan's concubine then proceeded to grill me and the Baroness separately. She needed to know the amount of money I had in my bank account, at the Baroness homestead and in my purse.
"You travelling around the US on that amount?" she asks in what I deem unprofessional decision. "So you are unemployed?" "Yes" "You're not studying?" "No"

Another look of derision swipes across her face.
'Bitch!' sweeps across mine.

Baroness' turn and she is made to go back to the car, take out her purse, and count out all her money, note by note, in front of her.
"Where did you meet?" "London," "How do you know each other?" "We met at uni!" "Why are you going to Canada?" "To see a friend,"

The interrogation went on and on for 30 minutes, they asked the same question again and again in different ways and tones. Until she finally, and looking very grudgingly, stamped my passport and we were allowed through the border, in incredibly angry and hating moods.

Canada had Sherri and her family's warm welcome to thank for the small love I feel for this country. They were a great family and I felt incredibly comfortable in their home.

The Countess

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