Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sunny Seattle and Seaside

We left the mountains and the temperature began to rise by 15 degrees. Lovely. So we missioned to Seattle powered by the sun. We made it to the 11 o'clock underground tour, which is a crazy exploration of city below the city. Long story short, after the fire the town needed to do two things.

1: Raise the town
2: Rebuild the town.

And Seattle decided it would be more fun to rebuild the town and then raise the streets. Gotta love a town that does that. So they rebuilt the buildings with a few doorways, so no matter how high they put the streets they would not need to alter the buildings. Genius.

So we saw the original shopfronts and pavements before the raising. Great and very amusing tour, the guides were more like comedians than guides. Recommend anyone who finds they have a couple of hours to kill in the city to try it.

I loved this city, but I have been informed that it rarely shines the way it did that day and so may have viewed Seattle with rose coloured specs. It is apparently very reminiscent of northern England.

Grey and rainy.

According to The Baroness it has the second highest suicide rate next to Alaska

Wait she is unsure of her fact...

Still waiting....


We were wrong

Anyway we left Seattle and made our way down the 101, a small room that travels along the coast with phenomenal sea views, which we happened to catch as the sun began to set. It blew me away.

We made it to Seaview, a lovely little town where we stopped in a little cottage for the night. So cute and right by the sea.

We had our own little cottage for the night.

and tomorrow when I awaken I will be a two minute walk to the beach.

I am ridiculously happy.

The countess

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