Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Antiques, cowboy boots and the Thunderbird Motel

So unsure of the weather conditions awaiting us in this crazy place. We decided to be brave, adventurous and foolhardy and go over the Rockies and be done with it.

If it snowed...Eh!

then we would laugh in the face of this weather and bed down in the Durango under the 15 rugs that Mommy McCartney made sure we had in the boot.

Today was a day of tiny towns and antique stores.

First stop Deer Lodge.

The sun was shining and the promised snow was still not tumbling down to encase us in it's icy prison. So we decided to play with fate and take some time off travelling and visit the Old Montana Prison. A large red brick building in the middle of a tiny town. We had no joy, however, as for the first time this year they were not opening in the winter season.

But we did find an amazing thrift store where we purchased cheap vintage license plates and a great antique store where I bought my vintage cowboy boots and I LOVE them. Possibly a favourite purchase.

We then moved onto the Garnet Ghost town.

It was also closed

Bad road consitions.

Fuck the bad road conditions.

So we sighed, swore and went in search of food.

We followed a sign. It said 'FOOD', so we figured this was a good place to start.

What we found was Alberton.

No food

But Alberton, a place with homes and antique shops.

Go Figure!

The Baroness purchased her cowboy boots.

We went away again, the need for food gnawing at our insides. We need more than things to survive.

We found our life nectar in Superior and we served by a waitress whose mother lived in Preston, Lancashire, UK. This world is tiny people.

We had a rough patch in Idaho, where the speed limit went down to 65

The Baroness was angry.

actually she was furious.

We finally made it to Washington and stopped in Ellensburg Motel at...

The Thunderbird Motel.

Love it

The Countess.

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