Sunday, 21 February 2010

Presidents and Cowboys

Early to rise and soon to Mount Rushmore we shall go.

Half way there we realised we had no gas, and that the one gas station on the road was closed.


But Rushmore came into view and we forgot this troubling point. We went through to the carpark, where they charge you $10 for parking!!!!

Don't fret too soon, it is an annual parking ticket, because you know the percentage of tourists who come to this sight may come again in the next 12 months...i don't think so.

But I was awed by the sight and couldn't quite get over the amount of work that went into the creation. The dangerous hanging in precarious positions to chisel into bare rock blew my mind. When faced with that piece of rock I would have no idea where to start.

After doing everything we could do we were back in the car and frantically searching for a gas station. We managed to find one.

it was intriguing

Apparently the shop had a pump since 1931 and the pump was from the 1960s. Luckily The Baroness is awesome and knew exactly how to work that ancient pump.

We headed for Deadwood. Very excited about this one. We ended up on a 45 degree angle hill covered in snow, praying we did not fall backwards. But we braved this trecherous road to see the graves of 'Wild Bill Hickcock' and 'Calamity Jane'.

Unfortunately we had no map, as the place was out of season and so we had to trail around the 3600 graves laid there to find them. The cemetary was on a hill and I have already explained that snow laid all around, so we were slipping and sliding all over the damn place. Bruise galore!

We found the graves and took the pictures.

We headed for Sundance, the place of the birth and incarceration of the Sundance Kid and a little further on we came to Little Big Horn.

I love the Wild West!!! So much crazy, perverted, violent history.


I only wish that I could have been there at the time...

...maybe as a brothel madam.

I had my cowboy cherry pooped when a saw my first bonefide cowboy in a delightful little cafe, Grannies Kitchen, where I was fortunate enough to delve into the delicious depths of the best Tuna Melt I have ever had the pressure to masticate upon. mmmmmmmm!

Though a lot of the towns around here have kept the old facades and so it feels like I have stepped back in time.

We stepped on th gas and made it to Bozeman, MT. A town filled with Yippies (Part Hippy, Part Yuppy).

The Countess.

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