Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Filler State, Shipwreak Beads and Rainbow Bars

On the beach by 8am, I am in one of the heavens. I am hoping for the snail one, but am so happy right now I am not sure I care.

The cottage was delicious, though didn't find the heater till the morning, so the woolly socks remained firmly on the foots.

We drove

and drove

and drove some more.

A sign caught our attention "Shipwreak Beads"

What could this be?
A delight?
A horror?
Well whatever it was we had decided to find out and were driving down the side road towards the mystery.


I took The Baroness to the largest bead shop in the world. What was I thinking, she would bankrupt herself within the second.

I made a valiant grab for her purse as she exited the Durango quicker than a cheetah.

But I failed. Not giving up and knowing this was for her own good, I whipped around to the side of the car and made a last ditch attempt to gain possession of her plastic.

Again I failed

and more than $100 was spent...on beads.

After this excitement we drove on

and drove on
and drove on.

Oregon really is a filler state..where is all the funness?

We drove
darkness descended
We drove

and finally Eureka!!
The town not the saying and this is where we bedded down for the night.

Now at what age, do two girls travelling cheaply by staying in one bed motel rooms, go from friends to lesbian couple???

I think me and The Baroness passed it.

The lovely man behind the counter, and he really was incredibly sweet, took the map and encircled a part of it, proclaiming that he would show us something that we would love...and yup, you guessed it...the gay bar. Though he couldn't remember the word gay so said "Er you know The Rainbow Bar...Gay!!!" which I thought was lovely.

It is nice to know, however, how far society has come that he would think to do this with a smile upon his face. Lovely Eureka Super 8 man. Power to you, but we choose the one bed option because we are poor.

The Countess.

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  1. awesome. no really. best thing i've read all day.