Monday, 15 February 2010

Missioning To The West

So the Western American Road Trip begins

at 12pm

it was supposed to be 8am, but we may have procrastinated a little bit.

But finally we were off
We were packed
We were in the car
We were down the drive
We were going back up the drive.

"I forgot my bras," was the Baroness' explanation.

And then we were finally 12.10pm

We missioned across PA, Ohio in the hopes of getting to Indiana by the end of the night, due to the impending threat of 30% chance of snow. We saw intriguing sights. Fields of snow, mountains of snow, Sandusky and a man getting car head.
We decided to mission into Michigan for the shits and giggles and ended up in bumblefuck Michigan being followed by a pair of headlights unsure if it was a cop waiting for us to speed or a crazy local waiting to rear end us into a tree and then take us back to a house to play with and cut up into hamburger helper.

After loosing the headlights and finding our way back onto the interstate in Indiana we looked to find the nearest supermarket, it was in Michigan so we headed back across the state line. The shit scaring journey had never needed to happen.

Finally we found our way to an Econo Lodge in Elkhart. Familiarity, yeah!!!

The Countess.

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