Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Shit Fountain

Early rising and we missioned all the way to Chicago for breakfast. We hadno option but to visit the shit fountain when we learned of its existence. I mean could you resist this beautiful protest statue?

What are its origins I hear you cry? Well a man sick of people allowing their dogs to poop on the sidewalk, decided to make his objection heard by the public through the art form of sculpting. So he created a large bronze cast of an actual dog poo and turned it into a fountain. He inscribed the beautifully descriptive words ' Shit Fountain' upon the stone plinth that the large faece had been lovingly rested on.

Now how many people wished they could live on this street?

Hands in the air people!

We then met a friend of the Baroness and went to a little diner for breakfast, where the waitress clearly didn't have a dental plan in her job benefits but was a lovely and friendly woman.

Then we flew through the rest of Illinois and into Wisconsin, where we took the time to seek out another great American landmark.

A Chevy in a tree.

Yes, a man has placed a Chevy in a tree in his backyard as a treehouse for his son. Who wants that Daddy?

He had also placed another car, a jeep at a 45 degree angle to the ground. Magic must have been holding the backend up, as gravity was definitely being defied.

I have around 10 bruises at the moment, as I foolishly jumped from the car at a pitstop with crazy vigour and ended up on my ass.

Eating Ice.


I recovered in time to see the Pumpkin Head Silo, phew!! There was a sight I did not want to miss. And to sample 'dessert cheese' of the chocolate flavour. But by now the roads were bad, treacherous in fact and so we were forced to pull over into Super 8 for the night in Blue Earth, Mn.


The Countess.

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