Monday, 8 March 2010

Grand Canyon and Dinosaur Tracks.

Okay Today was supposed to start with the Grand Canyon skywalk. But after braving what they call a road and I call a dirt track (To call this path a road, really does offend all roads everywhere) we discovered that this trip would cost us the grand total of $75!!!! for each of us. I am sorry but no can do sir. So we left and hoped the dodgy tyre would make the return trip.

It did

So we continued on our journey and aimed for a town near Four Corners where we could rest for the night.

The snow started to come. Something that annoyed me greatly as in Arizona, we were supposed to have hot weather, I had just come from snow and would be going back to snow soon. So please can I have the sunshine at the moment!!! Weather god!! Are you listening?

Luckilly it missed the dinosaur tracks on the Indian Reservation.


We stopped off, we had time, The Baroness was driving, enough said people.

I have never seen prehistoric remains that were not behind a glass case or barrier of some kind. I could actually touch these ones. Though others before me had gone one step further and stolen a few, before the Native Americans took charge of the area.

Then we drove on to our motel for the night.

The countess.

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