Monday, 8 March 2010

Dancing in New Mexico

The night before we had driven to Las Cruces, where Vic's dad resided and spent the day watching the television of badness. I can't remember some of the movies, but Melissa Joan Hart was in one of them.

Enough said.

We then went out for the evening with Vic's friend's from high school. I do not talk to any of my firends from this time anymore, spread out, as we are, across England and the world. The connections have been lost. But not so here, in this town. Vic seemed to know everyone and everyone seemed to know her. The group grew and undulated all night, with more people added at every turn. We spilled out from one pub to another.

A choice was made at one point to go somewhere we could talk as the band was too loud. They took us to a 'quaint Irish pub', Dubliners. At least that is what they thought. Upon arriving it was quickly understood that something had changed since everyone had been here last and what had once been a quiet bar was now a cross between a bar and nightclub, entitled 'Club Dub'. There was American dancing, so everyone on the dance floor, moved with the same moves, like a crazy music video, this turned into mad salsa. It looked like fun and so I tried it out with a friend of Vic's and it was definitely fun. Lots of turning though, which could be a mistake if slightly tipsy. But I was steady and fine and the evening ended with much mirth.

The Countess

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  1. Our adventures did not end in New Mexico... where is the rest my beloved?? I am currently disappointed...