Monday, 8 March 2010

Getting our kicks on Route 66!!

Early to rise, and we were on the road so we could make it as far into the Grand Canyon region as was possible, and definitely out of the state of California. We had time to view the sights and after a quick shopping trip to grab some clothes that were not jumpers, jeans or thick socks we deicided to follow in the footsteps of beatniks, Hell' Angels, Hippies, gangsters before us and drive along route 66.

A personal dream of mine and one I never thought to live. I had heard the songs, read the stories, loved the poetry and dreamed the dream but now I was living it and creating my own experience.

They were awed by the literary and musicial genius that has ridden this path before and behind them. Their words had been stolen by ghosts and they were speechless in their presence.

The girls came from an age of disillusionment and disappointment. The songs had already been sung and the words already inscribed in tablet and paper. Their parents and those before them had broken all the taboos and left nothing for them to break. They were from a generation who looked back nostalgically at a history that they did not create. So they took themselves upon the road of dreams and drove through the ghosts of someone else's past to see if they could recapture the youth of the previous generations.

We sped along the old highway, basking in the glowing hot sun and listening to the appropriate music (and if you have no idea what thay may be, then I will not tell you and perhaps hanging your head in shame would be a good start to rectify this problem and lack of education). Life could not get any better than this. If you think it does than you have never managed to complete one of your life goals, with a best friends, with beautiful sun shining over a beautiful desert with music gods playing in your ears.

Trust me.

It is an interesting road to take. Parts have seen the potential for money and old diners have been restored and shops and museums have popped up. Other places are like ghost towns, empty, broken buildings and old signs that still talk of free love and the hippy way.

We made our way to the Calico Ghost town. I had never been to one and though it was fun. It was not how I imagined it. The place did have the all the old buildings still standing, but now they were booming businesses, capitalizing on the town's 'ghost town' status.

I know

I am unsure about this also.

Anyway, I took it in good spirit and had some fun in the buldings as they were very interesting to look at and then we hit the road again and made it into Arizona and to a motel.

I slept in a motel on route 66. You have no idea how happy that made me. I went to bed to dream of a different time.

The Countess

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